Welcome to the Kinderschool Preschool Program!

We hope that by working together we can make this a rewarding year for you and your child.

Philosophy and Program Statement:

Our aim at Kinderschool is for the intellectual, social, creative, physical and emotional needs of the child being met in a secure environment with professional caregivers. To meet all the child’s needs and enhance his or her self-expression, a variety of activity centres are offered. Play offers opportunities for the child to acquire information that lays the foundation for additional learning. Developing new skills helps the child experience success on a daily basis, enhancing their self-esteem, independence and confidence. The nursery school program is
re-evaluated regularly to reflect changes within the Day Nurseries Act and ideologies on early childhood education.

Providing a positive start in a warm, growth-enhancing environment is the most wonderful gift we can give a child. “CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE!”

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