About Kinderschool

Philosophy & Program Statement:

      We provide a stimulating and challenging program designed to meet the needs of each child in an environment where love and concern are the foundation. Kinderschool is ‘Play Based’ learning centre – play offers opportunities for the child to acquire information that lays the foundation for additional learning.  By providing a positive learning environment, we can help your child reach his or her optimum level of development in all the following areas:  Self-identity, Engagement, Expression, Social skills, Co-operation and Planning skills, Sense of Wonder, Self-Regulation, Nutrition and Fitness, Large and Small Muscle, and a Sense of Belonging.   We continually observe what the children are interested in our program and plan activities in response to that interest and curiosity.  We value children as competent and capable in making decisions and leading their learning.  Teachers are reflective in their practice and observations and ensure children are represented in the classroom.   Providing a positive start in a warm, growth-enhancing environment is the most wonderful gift we can give a child.



      Kinderschool believes our quality program starts with quality staff.  All of our teachers have between 5 years and 25 years of childcare experience.  Every teacher, upon hire is required to do a health and criminal reference check.  Staff continually upgrade by participating in professional development.  All of our ECE teachers belong to the College of Early Childhood Educators, and adhere to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice set out by the College. From time to time we welcome volunteers and students in our programs.  All students and volunteers are supervised and mentored by our teachers.  At NO time is a student or volunteer allowed to have unsupervised access to children in our program, nor are they counted in our ratios.  Our qualified Early Childhood Educators and Educational Assistants use specialized skills to meet the needs of the group of children as a whole, yet maintain a focus on the needs of the individual child.  Our staff enhance their skills and knowledge through ongoing professional development, monthly staff meetings and evaluations.